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Buzz / 12 20, 2017


Metropolitan Ministries is a Tampa Bay-based organization with the mission of giving hope to the homeless. They offer many ways to help give back to the community year round, especially during the holiday season.

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Top 4 Ways to Give Back

  1. Donate Time
  2. Donate Food
  3. Donate Toys
  4. Donate Clothes

1. Donating Time

Donating your time is easy with Metropolitan Ministries. They have an easy sign-up portal online where you can choose where and when you’d like to help.

2. Donating Food

During the holidays, in particular, Metropolitan Ministries has a food drive that is impressive by any standards. They help collect food for the over 20,000 families who shop at their Holiday Tent.

3. Donating Toys

Toys are a staple in any family during the holidays, and at Metropolitan Ministries this is no exception. They kindly request a modest $25 gift or less for children and teens of all ages. Every year they see a shortfall of gifts for teenagers.

Top Toy Donation Ideas for Teens:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Local Sports Team Paraphanalia 
  • Headphones
  • Makeup Kits
  • Purses
  • Jewelry 

4. Donating Clothing

When you are clearing out your closet to make room for the new clothes you will receive this year, why not donate your gently used clothing to Metropolitan Ministries?

It’s a great and easy way to give back and help the homeless in the Tampa Bay area.


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