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Buzz / 01 04, 2017


New website and applications developed by Haneke Design help companies effectively connect with federal procurement officers looking to award contracts

Tampa, FL – While many eligible small businesses are eager to secure government contracts, they decline to pursue them because the process for registering and meeting the requirements to win contract awards can be confusing and time-consuming. To simplify the process and make it easier for federally registered businesses to present their information in the formats and locations that federal procurement officers need to award contracts, Haneke Design and client FEDLINKS have launched a new web site called FEDLINKS. The site is a one-stop online destination that connects and facilitates business between the two parties.

“Navigating the government procurement process can be a daunting prospect for small and medium-sized businesses,” said Brad Anderson, Managing Partner at FEDLINKS, a directory of federally registered businesses that have been verified to meet all requirements necessary to do business with the federal government. “We approached Haneke Design with our ideas for streamlining the process and assisting businesses with all of the paperwork they’d need to register and connect with procurement officials and start bidding on federal contracts. Their team created an incredibly simple and effective system that will empower eligible companies to go after federal contracts that they likely wouldn’t have bothered to pursue in the past.”

FEDLINKS consultants walk federally registered companies through all of the information they need to create a business profile, consolidating information from SAM, DSBS, FPDS, and VetBiz databases into one easy to use directory. Procurement officers can find everything they need in the company’s FEDLINKS profile, instead of having to search across multiple databases.

FEDLINKS certified vendors also receive a FEDLINKS badge to display on their website – providing another obvious way to signal to procurement officers that their business is certified and ready to bid on contracts.

“This project was right in our design and development team’s wheelhouse: taking something complex and transforming it into an elegant, straightforward solution,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “Using Ruby on Rails applications, we created attractive, comprehensive profile pages and simple billing forms that make doing business with FEDLINKS – and winning government contracts – as easy as possible.”

FEDLINKS is a directory of federally-registered businesses that have been verified by FEDLINKS to meet all the requirements necessary to do business with the federal government. For more information, visit fedlinks.com


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