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Buzz / 10 19, 2016


World Renowned Thyroid Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Gary Clayman Chooses Haneke Design to Develop a Thyroid Nodule and Thyroid Cancer Risk Mobile App.

Thyroid cancer is diagnosed more than 62,000 times annually in America, with about two-thirds being women. Thyroid nodules are much more common. Nearly half of women grow a thyroid nodule by age 50. Dr. Clayman, in partnership with Dr. Jim Norman of the Norman Parathyroid Center, has selected Haneke Design to develop a new mobile application to help patients with thyroid nodules understand their need for x-ray testing, biopsy, and surgery. The mobile application will even assist in diagnosing thyroid cancer—a feature that is believed to be the first in the world.

Dr. Clayman, founder of the Clayman Thyroid Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida is one of the most experienced thyroid surgeons and arguably the most experience thyroid cancer surgeon in the world. His website offers comprehensive resources for thyroid surgical and thyroid cancer patients and will provide statistical backup and references for the app. Working with Haneke Design, Dr. Clayman’s design will allow the unique evaluation of patient test data and scan results, combining with genetic information and other results to allow patients with thyroid nodules to make informed decisions regarding their need for further evaluation, monitoring, or surgery. The application will provide a very personalized and specific series of recommendations that the patient might follow based upon known best-practices and specific thyroid cancer and nodule guidelines.

“We’re excited to be working with Drs. Clayman and Norman on this new mobile application, which we envision will help thyroid nodule and thyroid cancer patients better understand their specific case and give them knowledge and options they need to find the best care, “said Jody Haneke, President of Haneke Design.

“We learned a lot from our 5-star-rated CalciumPro mobile app that Haneke Design built for us 3 years ago to help patients diagnose parathyroid tumors” stated Dr. Jim Norman. “We are taking lessons learned from that award-wining diagnostic app and applying them to thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. We are using proprietary medical algorithms to establish risk for thyroid nodules which is very personalized. This is a huge advance in the use of mobile applications for cancer diagnosis.”

By capturing information such as demographics, thyroid hormone levels, ultrasound findings, needle biopsy results, symptoms, occupational and other exposures, and genetic information, the thyroid nodule/cancer app will provide an assessment that is based on data collected form tens of thousands of thyroid nodule and cancer patients. Patients can find answers to questions regarding whether their thyroid nodules require a biopsy, another ultrasound, endocrinologist evaluation, further laboratory testing, surgery and even more.

“Haneke Design’s expertise in building a mobile app of this kind is rare, “said Dr. Clayman. “They achieved extraordinary success in building the complex medical mobile application Calcium Pro, with my partner, Dr. Jim Norman. In this new thyroid application, we are looking forward to producing a product that will help inform patients and transform their lives for the better.”


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