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Buzz / 10 04, 2017


Every year talented game developers, Virtual & Mixed Reality developers, digital artists, designers, venture capitalists and entertainment media students descend upon Orlando for OrlandoiX.

The four-day conference showcases Keynotes, Featured Panels, Greenroom Sessions, an Indie Game Village, a VR/AR Lounge, and Developer Workshops. The real value is the opportunity for people to interact with the leaders behind some of the newest technology before it hits the mainstream market.

The Venue

OrlandoiX 2017, man playing with video headset

Man using VR Headset

Almost as immersive as a Virtual Reality game was the venue itself. Taking place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, the production quality was top-notch. This university has a heavy focus on set-design, lighting engineering, and video production, so the venue was a feast for the senses. Colorful concert lighting, pumping music, and interactive displays filled the exhibition hall.

The Keynotes

Day 1 featured speakers from Florida-based technology and game development firms specializing in applying AR and VR technology into every industry from entertainment, healthcare, and military training.

OrlandoiX 2017 Speech

Jody Haneke, from Haneke Design spoke at a fireside chat with the OrlandoiX’s Executive Producer, David Glass, for The Smartphone: The Next Window into AR. Using examples from Haneke Design-engineered products like the One World Explorer App,  Haneke conveyed to the audience some of the real-world challenges and opportunities there are for building an AR product in a client environment.

With the release of Apple’s AR Kit, Jody Haneke explained the massive amount of resources there is for developers to integrate AR technology into their new apps. Apple has done much of the heavy lifting in developing the base technology, allowing developers to spend more time developing the later stages and finishing touches to their apps.

The Live Demos

People playing video games while it is being streamed on the big screen

With the onset of Virtual and Augmented Reality, OrlandoiX had a strong focus on these leading industry trends. A unique aspect of the event was the Expo Day, where dozens of booths were set up to demonstrate and showcase their games. Users could experience these games first-hand, many of which are still in their production phase and not yet released to the public.

Boy using video headset

If you are a technology junkie, you will be in amazement of the technology that is being created and crafted right here in Florida.

To learn more about OrlandoiX, please visit www.orlandoix.com


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