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Buzz / 09 12, 2013

PrayerBowls App Launches, Giving Faithful a Powerful New Tool

Tampa, Fla.  (Sept. 12, 2013)Haneke Design today announced the launch of the PrayerBowls mobile application, a companion to the responsive web site that the agency developed in collaboration with client Karen Berry last spring. The new app, available for iPhone and iPad, lets users create their own custom prayer bowls for specific people or events, add lists of contacts for friends and family, assign prayers chosen from a database within the app, and share them on their social networks.

“As soon as people heard about PrayerBowls, they began spreading the word and buying the beautiful porcelain bowls Karen created for their friends, families and church groups,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “Now people can create and share their prayer bowls virtually, dedicate a bowl to a person, place, or event, and invite everyone in their social networks to subscribe and rally others for prayer. This app provides everything you need to keep your prayers organized, your prayer groups connected, and your prayer warriors mobilized anytime and anywhere you happen to be.”

In addition to the PrayerBowls app’s social and sharing functionality, it also allows users to customize their bowls with embellishments, write prayer cards to keep in them, and then organize and sort the prayer cards to help keep track of them.

The PrayerBowls app is available for free download in the App Store.

PrayerBowls was launched to realize the dreams of Karen Berry, a Tampa woman whose journey back to health from a debilitating illness was buoyed by a network of family, friends, and strangers who prayed for her recovery. Earlier this year, she started a business to offer beautiful porcelain prayer bowls made by artisan producers in Oporto, Portugal to others like her who wanted a beautiful place to store their prayer cards and intentions.  The bowls are sold online at the web site.

PrayerBowls are meant to be placed in a location where one can enjoy moments of quiet reflection and prayer throughout the day – such as a desk, bedside table, or side table next to a favorite chair. A stack of prayer cards, on which you can write the name of the person in need of prayers and for whom you intend to pray daily, is included with each prayer bowl purchase.  There are presently two styles available: The Celeste, a white bowl with golden edges adorned with honey colored Swarovski crystals in a center cross and the verse from Romans 12:12 encircling the rim; and The Angie, a white bowl encircled with ocean blue and a semi-matte gold rim.  The bowl also features a two color toned cross with one large clear Swarovski crystal in the center and the verse from Philippians 4:6.

“The PrayerBowls app is a perfect extension of the vision I had for PrayerBowls,” said Karen Berry, the company’s founder.  “The web site Haneke Design created lovingly showcases the beauty and simplicity of our bowls and generated lots of excitement and sales from all over the world.  Now this companion app lets us offer our community the chance to organize and access petitions they have in their virtual prayer bowls and offer them up to God no matter where they are.”


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