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Buzz / 01 04, 2017


Haneke Design’s latest app, created for client Stridepoint LLC, connects customers with certified support techs to get help whenever they need it

Tampa, FL – Haneke Design’s latest mobile application, built for client Stridepoint LLC’s Ripcord Support, makes it easy for customers to sign in to their accounts, request tech support or get updates on existing trouble tickets while on the go.

Ripcord Support provides certified, US-based IT support for consumers and businesses, whenever they need it. The company’s friendly and expert staff assists customers online, on the phone, or on-site with their laptop and desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, printers and other gear.

“Haneke Design is an ideal mobile application development partner for us,” said Brent Bennett, V.P. of Technology at Ripcord Support. “They listened carefully to our needs and created a simple, intuitive mobile solution for our customers that can help them get the support they’re looking for in minutes – wherever they happen to be.”

The new Ripcord Support app is available free for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Ripcord Support’s convenient, trustworthy, and cost-effective tech support is available on a per-call basis and by monthly subscription for home and business use. Customers can be sure they’ll reach a competent, friendly technician by phone, chat or email whenever they have a question or issue, and even have a technician come out to their residence or office if necessary.

Customers can also tune in to Ripcord Support’s weekly radio show, “Technical Difficulties,” airing at 4:00 pm on 970 WFLA in Tampa Bay or on, for great content on everything from business productivity apps to printers.

“Ripcord Support is everything tech support should be,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “In developing this app, we stayed true to their customer-centric philosophy. Our goal was to create a very easy user experience that required very few steps, asked a limited number of questions, and gave clear and specific answers and updates.”

About Ripcord Support
Tampa-based Ripcord Support solves our customers’ personal and business technology needs by connecting them with one of our local technicians via online, phone, or on-site services. Their new mobile app is a resource that makes your Ripcord Support queries more accessible on your mobile device. To learn more, visit


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