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Buzz / 02 05, 2016


Haneke Design’s latest app for client Black Rabbit Trading LLC eliminates unwelcome spending surprises at checkout

Despite their best efforts to avoid overspending during weekly grocery trips, Christopher and Maira Padula often found themselves exiting the checkout line having spent far more than they budgeted. They tried various calculator apps, but none offered the simplicity and ease of use they sought. After collaborating with Haneke Design, they were finally able to develop an app that helped them stay on track: the Sumit Easy Grocery Calculator.

The free Sumit app is now available for download in Apple’s iTunes Store.

“My husband and I used to think we were the only people who couldn’t get out of the grocery store without exceeding our budget, but most of our friends were having the same challenge,” said Maira Padula, co-founder of Black Rabbit Trading LLC. “Once we decided to tackle this problem and develop an app ourselves, we researched several firms and quickly determined that Haneke Design was the right one to help us realize our vision. They took our idea, deconstructed it, and put it back together in ways we didn’t think were possible. The resulting Sumit app is everything we wanted and more. Their knowledge, creativity and professionalism made this project a great success for us.”

The Padulas’ initial idea was to scan the bar codes on each product and have the app contact a database that would retrieve the price for it. While the solution was sound in theory, it ultimately wasn’t practical. The Haneke team recommended an alternative for selecting prices that would be faster than a standard calculator interface, and could be used with one hand.

Haneke’s design and development team created a price widget tool that made all values lie on a fixed grid. The X-axis became dollars, and the Y-axis became cents. With one finger, the Sumit app user can drag to her desired amount in one swipe, or tap directly on a grid coordinate to select a price.

Using the Sumit Easy Grocery Calculator app, shoppers can

  • Keep a running total of the items in their grocery cart
  • Create shopping lists with voice, text, or keyboard
  • Add prices quickly with the custom price widget described above
  • Keep track of total spending as you go, and
  • Save grocery lists for future shopping trips.

“As the father of three active kids, I can definitely relate to the unexpected and eye-popping amounts people find themselves spending at the grocery store each month – stopping in for a few items every couple of days as well as big weekly shops,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “Our team was happy to work with Black Rabbit Trading to create a truly useful mobile app that will help anyone who downloads it easily track their grocery spending and stay within their budget.”


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