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Buzz / 08 22, 2018

Tampa Bay Technology CEOs Gather at Haneke Design for Quarterly Meeting

Local software company CEOs gathered at Haneke Design this week to help shape Tampa’s tech community

Tampa Bay Tech, Florida’s largest technology council, has partnered with several high-profile software company CEOs with the goal of promoting and developing Tampa’s technology ecosystem. The group meets quarterly over lunch to share their experiences and insights and to bounce ideas back and forth. Each meeting is hosted by a different member of the group, with this week’s meeting taking place at Haneke Design in downtown Tampa.

This week’s conversation included topics such as renting vs. owning office space and the financial implications that each may have, as well as general observations relating to technology in the Tampa Bay market. These meetings create an opportunity for tech business owners to collaborate to make a positive impact on the Tampa market as well as their respective companies.

In order to accomplish their goal of shaping Tampa’s technology community, the group plans to partner with local companies and collaborate with higher education organizations. Talent acquisition is a major topic that is brought up in these forums, and the CEOs believe it is important that they get involved in local education establishments to help shape the future workforce.

They are working with universities such as Florida Polytechnic and USF to share their knowledge and business experiences with students and educators. They hope to help tailor the curriculum to include real-life scenarios in order to ensure students are developing skills that will fulfill the needs of the ever-evolving tech community.


Jack Berlin, Accusoft
Seng Sun, SunView Software
Jody Haneke, Haneke Design
Chris Karlo, Mercury New Media
Peter Dobler, Dobler Consulting
Gina Leigh Volmuth, Praxsys Group
Paul Toomey, Geographic Solutions
Steve Allen, DocuPhase
Frederick Duguay, Bond-Pro

Interested in becoming a member and making a positive impact on our technology community? All members must be the CEO of a Tampa based software company that employs at least 10 people. Reach out to Tampa Bay Tech for more information.


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