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Buzz / 03 22, 2019


Improving your business process can be a great way to increase productivity and add value to your company. Here at Haneke Design, we take great pride in our process; it helps drive results and ensures the success of a project. But before we jump into the depths of why it is important to create an effective business process, let’s talk about cooking.

I’ve been really into Thai food lately. There’s an amazing Thai restaurant around the corner from our office that we occasionally order for our weekly design team meeting, and it inspired me to attempt to cook a curry dish at home. The first thing I did, as most people would do, was search the internet for a recipe. From there it was pretty straightforward; the recipe told me exactly what ingredients I needed and how much, as well as how to combine them in order to get the perfect blend of flavors.

Food in a bowl

And it was delicious. So delicious that I decided to make it again the following week, but this time was different. I preheated the oven without referencing the recipe, I added more of this and less of that, and I swapped out chicken for extra veggies – I learned from my previous experience and customized the dish to make it my own.

The process of the recipe gave me the confidence to get started and cook something new, but with repetition and experimentation I was able to personalize the dish to make it fit my personal preferences.

I like to think about business processes in the same way. When starting a business, it is important to have structure. As companies grow, they become more complex – their client base expands, more and more employees are brought on, and managing the team becomes increasingly challenging. As this happens, businesses must continually evaluate and adjust their process to accommodate their evolving needs and goals.

Successful solutions come as a result of a successful process.

Most businesses, especially agencies like Haneke Design, are comprised of multiple teams working on different projects all at once. Having a process in place ensures that each team is executing in the same way. This is vital for a number of reasons; it makes the business easier to manage, it increases productivity and it ensures a consistent customer experience.

Here at Haneke Design, our process (which you can view here) has allowed us to continually deliver high quality solutions that meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients. It is important to understand that this process wasn’t created overnight, it takes time as well as trial and error to find what works best for you and your company.

“Since I graduated from college I’ve been working on our process, and to this day we’re always making slight adjustments,” said Jody Haneke, CEO of Haneke Design. “We have our weekly meetings where we go through what works and what doesn’t. How is technology affecting our process? Are there new tools out there to help us better manage this process? You cannot scale a business without having a process in place. It might not be perfect from day one, but just having it is going to be a huge leg up on the competition.”

There’s no better time to get started than now! Need help implementing technology into your process? Feel free to reach out to Haneke Design. We are a firm that specializes in engaging users through the Internet of Things, whether through social media or a mobile app!

Written by Erin McLachlan

Erin McLachlan is the Social Media Coordinator at Haneke Design. A Tampa native, she studied visual art at Florida State before pursuing a career in marketing. When she’s not maintaining social media accounts, Erin can be found spending time with her two dogs, Kona and Cooper.

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