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Buzz / 02 02, 2017

Wedding Wiz Picked for the University of Tampa Incubator


University of Tampa Lowth Entrepreneurship Center is committed to recognizing local contributors who are making a large impact to the advancement of local tech in the Tampa Bay Area. Their latest pick is Carrie Wildes, Founder of Wedding Wiz. This Haneke Design custom developed web application makes wedding day photography planning a snap!

Wedding Wiz

Carrie Wildes was selected by the Incubator, which provides unique resources and facilities at the University of Tampa. She will work closely with students, equipping them with real world technical skills that will give them the leading-edge for their future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Wedding Wiz is a solution for professional wedding photographers and videographers to collect details and create wedding day timelines easily.

Carrie is working hard to continue to expand this project and create new jobs and opportunities for local photographers. We created the Wedding Wiz custom web application with her business goals front-of-mind.

“Haneke Design was awesome to work with! They totally got my vision and managed the project from all aspects, and the best thing is they are local so I could meet with them when needed as well,” said Carrie Wildes.

Carrie Wildes

Since launching in 2016, Wedding Wiz has gained Carrie Wildes recognition from both the University of Tampa, as well as the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

“Seeing her concept come to life has been incredible, and getting recognition from the local community has made this project extremely gratifying,” mentioned Nathan Hyland, Project Solutions Manager at Haneke Design.

This Tampa Bay connection keeps the tech community thriving and will continue to make a name for itself on the national stage.

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