You Use AR Applications Every Day and Don’t Even Know It

Buzz / 08 30, 2019


The use of applications that include augmented reality has become increasingly popular as the technology continues to develop. Whether you realize it or not, you may use AR technology daily.



Companies are always looking for better ways to make their products more accessible to customers- what better way to do so than by virtually bringing an item to you? Many brands now offer services that let users test out products through their phone screens. For example, Warby Parker, who specializes in eyeglasses, has an AR feature on its site that allows visitors to virtually try on any pair of glasses that they like. IKEA has taken a similar route, providing a function on its app that lets individuals design their room by virtually placing IKEA products in their space. Even BMW has tried to make it easier for customers to view their cars and learn about how they function. They designed an app that essentially brings the dealership to your phone screen, providing visuals and detailed information about each vehicle and feature. Companies like these are dedicated to making the selection and purchase process easier for buyers through the use of innovative technology. 



Going on vacation? AR can help before you even leave home, as many hotels offer virtual tours on their websites. Travel is also made more efficient, as certain airports have started to create apps that help passengers navigate the terminals, which is exceedingly helpful in breaking down language barriers and directing airport foot-traffic. Once you arrive at your destination, AR can help you learn and see more, especially through technology that provides visuals of reconstructed ruins or fast facts about museum displays. 



Some of the most popular apps in recent years were the result of Augmented Reality software. Snapchat’s filters that provide cat ears or dancing hot dogs practically embody AR tech. Various games such as PokemonGo harnessed AR to bring Pokemon into our world through a phone screen with dozens of other apps creating experiences just like it. Animations placed onto sports analysis during games are all a part of augmented reality. Almost anything that adds another dimension to reality is AR tech. 


What’s the result of all this? Development. AR has helped further what we can do with technology and works to improve our current businesses and experiences. The possibilities for the future applications of AR are endless. 

Businesses should consider how AR could help improve both their business operations and their customers’ experience. Are you ready to get started with augmented reality? Feel free to reach out to Haneke Design. We are a firm that specializes in engaging users through the Internet of Things, whether through social media or an AR mobile app!

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