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Buzz / 08 15, 2019


Everyone is online, which means your business needs to be, too. Each social media outlet has a different purpose and specializes in a certain style of posting, which can make it difficult to manage your content. When you’re spread thin across several platforms without a plan, you lose potential avenues of engagement that could be crucial to your company’s growth. The following are a few ways in which you can keep your digital strategy organized and fresh so that you get the most out of your social media.


1. Create a Content Calendar

The first step toward producing successful content is knowing how to plan it. Content calendars provide visuals that inform your team of their progress and keep them looking ahead to see what can be done next. In this regard, they serve as a structure to the creative process. Create a document or spreadsheet that allows your team to lay out what, where, and when you want to post. As items are put up across various platforms, find a way to check them off to communicate their completion. Have a plan for your campaigns, social posts, and content all in one place.


2. Use Management Software

Sharing your content on several platforms can be a tricky process, and it’s easy to get disorganized. Using management software can help clear the clutter and successfully deliver your content to users. You can log in to multiple media sites and post content to all of them simultaneously, making sure that no platform is left behind. If you want to use the software for planning, it also allows you to schedule posts in advance. This aids in creating a backbone of content for extended periods of time, strategically managing campaigns, and generating engagement with your business even when you aren’t able to be behind the screen


3. Analyze

Once your content is planned, organized, and published, it still plays a role in developing your digital strategy. The feedback from that content should dictate the next steps your company takes. Your successes should inform the decisions that you make regarding what goes on your next content calendar. Take what worked and add more of it. Restructure your content to maximize engagement based on real data. The kinds of data that could inform your decisions are plentiful. Look at the demographics of your audiences on different platforms. Do the demographics of your audience vary by platform? What kind of content works best with each audience? Ask the questions that allow you to provide your digital strategy with a definitive shape that will guarantee success in the future. 


Social media marketing is meant to be a tool to help your company grow. Each platform provides a unique opportunity to cultivate your brand, and you can take advantage of it with proper planning.

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