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04 02, 2018

Instagram Advertising:
Should You Do It?

Instagram has become the social media king in 2018. It is projected to hit one billion users by the end of the year. Active social media users are preferring Instagram to its other competitors, such as Snapchat, because of its ease of use and photo-friendly format. With access to this growing user base, it might…

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02 20, 2018

Using Analytics to Grow Your Mobile App

Are people using your app or not? Are you using the right marketing methods? Are you bringing the right people into your app? All of these questions are easily answered once you are working with analytics. There is a repeated sad story in the app industry that sometimes goes like this: An excited and highly…

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09 27, 2017

iPhone X: How It’s Impacting Mobile App Designers & Developers

Apple’s “Future Phone” has been announced and will be available on November 3rd. The iPhone X will offer up some new features not available on current iPhones, complete with a new interface, larger screen and a whole new way to unlock it. We took a few moments to ask some of our experts what their…

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