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Electronic Scooters are Taking Tampa by Storm (Video)

Tampa recently joined the list of cities that are giving scooter ride-sharing a try. Officials created a pilot program allowing 4 vendors to release a total of 2,400 scooters across 5 zones surrounding the downtown area.

The scooters are meant to help increase mobility around downtown. They can be used to provide more access to public transportation and eliminate the use of cars for short-distance trips. For example, they can help employees get to lunch without the hassle of parking or get people without cars to a bus stop. Using the scooters is inexpensive and provides riders with an easy way to get around Tampa.

E-Scooters Are Taking Tampa by Storm

Thanks to a pilot program designed by City of Tampa, e-scooters are now available downtown!! Our team enjoys using them as a fun, cheap, and easy way to get around or go grab lunch. Be sure to check them out 🛴 For more videos like this, be sure to check out our website!

Posted by Haneke Design on Friday, June 14, 2019


Riding is simple and easy to learn.

First, download the app for your vendor of choice; Jump, Spin, Lime, and Bird are all available through Tampa’s pilot program. Next, open the app and use the map to locate the nearest scooter. Once you get to your ride, press the scan button on the bottom of your screen and place the camera over the QR code on the handlebar. The app will then ask you to include your payment information. Fees are different for each company. Jump offers Tampa riders the simple fee of 29 cents per minute while Bird and Lime charge a $1 unlocking fee and 15 cents per minute. Spin charges a $1 unlock fee and 29 cents per minute. After that, you’re done! Simply press unlock and ride. Once you reach your destination, simply park the scooter on a sidewalk in a spot where it will not interfere with pedestrian traffic. Don’t forget to end your ride on the app!



Officials are  looking closely to see how the scooters impact the city. Tampa has been strict concerning scooter regulations, banning riders from the Riverwalk, Bayshore Boulevard, and 7th Avenue. Once a scooter enters any of these areas, it slows down until it enters an acceptable zone. The scooter app will notify you once you enter any of these areas and displays where they are on the map. Fees apply to those who park scooters in an unacceptable zone. Riders are also encouraged to stay out of the streets (including bike lanes) and remain on sidewalks. The city prioritizes safety, order, and encourages the use of helmets to ensure the best riding experience for users.



Bird: 15 mph
Jump: 15 mph
Spin: 15 mph
Lime: 14.8 mph



When they are fully charged, each scooter can travel a certain distance.

Bird: 30 miles
Jump: 30 miles
Spin: 37 miles
Lime: 15 miles



Riders must be over the age of 18.



Each company pays individuals to collect scooters, charge them overnight, and return them to their corrals before riders arrive in the morning. They pay $3-20 per scooter and offer more for those that are harder to reach. The charger is responsible for purchasing the charging tools; they are not supplied by the vendor. To apply to become a charger, visit the website of your company of choice.

For more information about Tampa’s pilot program, please visit


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