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Buzz / 10 04, 2017


Haneke Design joins Florida Funders as the investment fund’s Design & Development Sponsor

Angel investing, Venture capital funding, Equity Crowdfunding, that’s Florida Funders. This Tampa Bay-based investment fund has a proven track record of selecting the best technologies from all over Florida and providing them with financial backing to continue to grow the state’s job market and local economy.

Florida is positioned as one of the top states for tech companies and entrepreneurs to start their businesses, due to tax incentives, a high quality of life, and a large talent pool coming out of its top-rated universities. In order to keep these companies in Florida, Florida Funders set out on a mission to help jump-start these startups with capital, while simultaneously creating high ROI for the fund’s investors.

In order to qualify for the fund, companies must be based in Florida, show high growth rates in past performance, and be in the technology sector.

Haneke Design was approached by Florida Funders to become their official technology sponsor. One of the main roles that Haneke Design will play is vetting these new technology companies that are in the running to receive funding.

“With 100% of these potential companies being technology-centered, Haneke Design can take its 15+ years of experience to vet potential investments,” said Jody Haneke, President & Founder of Haneke Design.

With a minimum investment of $100,000 per company, there is a lot of money on the line for investors. The fund’s leadership already boasts enormous success in technology venture capital deals. Combined with the expertise and hands-on experience of Haneke Design, an even stronger microscope will be evaluating the viability of those companies seeking investors.

Once the early stage tech deals are reached, Haneke Design will also consult with the start-ups on the best practices for promoting their company and all technology questions they may have along the way.

“The vision for Florida Funders and Haneke Design are strongly aligned: having the best technologies originating in Florida, and keeping those companies here to grow our local economy,” said Saxon Baum, Business Development Manager at Florida Funders. “With this shared goal, we are excited to have their entire team on board.”

About Florida Funders
Florida Funders is transforming early-stage funding in Florida. We’re making investing easier for accredited investors and early-stage capital more accessible to Florida companies. We blend the best of angel investing, venture capital funding, and equity crowdfunding with the goal of generating strong financial returns while having a significant impact on job creation and economic growth in our communities. Learn more at floridafunders.com.


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