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Buzz / 08 20, 2018


Haneke Design implements digital strategy and new responsive website to invigorate Florida Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s donor program 

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida (FWFF) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of protecting Florida’s wildlife, the lands and waters that they need to survive, and our outdoor heritage. The main priority of the organization is to provide funding and support to the Florida
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) as well as other organizations dedicated to conservation, education and research activities.

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida selected Haneke Design to create and implement an effective digital strategy to further its mission and to enhance donations. Haneke Design conducted in-depth research to identify areas in which FWFF’s online presence could be enhanced to drive higher levels of engagement and conversion. Research included factors of website content, mobile responsiveness, user experience, and lead generation/conversion mapping.

“Haneke Design made it easy to map out experiences for our website visitors that help them engage with our conservation initiatives and get involved to support our mission,” said Andrew Walker, President and CEO of FWFF. “The new website features amazing photos, videos, and stories about the work that we do, and it really showcases our hard work and dedication to preserving Florida’s natural habitat. Contacting us, learning more about what we do, and making donations has never been easier, and we are thrilled to already see the positive results of our new website.”

The new responsive website combines engaging content with specific calls to action in order for visitors to choose a fund they would like to donate to. This allows donors to connect with the conservation, education and research topics that align with their passion and know exactly where their donation is going.

Within a week of launching, FWFF has already begun to receive donations and inquiries via the new website. Haneke Design will continue to provide ongoing marketing support FWFF in order to monitor and further improve their digital marketing strategy.

About Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida works closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and other public and private partners to protect the full array of the state’s native animals and plants and the lands and waters they need to survive. They are also dedicated to ensuring public access to Florida’s outstanding natural areas and work closely with the Florida Youth Conservation Center Network to help provide 200,000 children and adolescents every year with formative outdoor experiences. Since 1994, the Foundation has raised and given away more than $30 million to support conservation and outdoor education for young people. Visit wildlifeflorida.org for more information.


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