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Buzz / 07 07, 2020


Haneke Design brings ThumbStopper’s vision to life with a new mobile application, Pulse. 

ThumbStopper is a Tampa based technology company that helps brands and retailers generate engagement on social media platforms through the curation, segmentation, and syndication of high-value content. ThumbStopper and Haneke Design kicked off their partnership in early April with a virtual happy hour that brought the teams together during the early days of Florida’s stay-at-home orders. This moment helped spark the relationship between the two teams that resulted in ThumbStopper’s new mobile application, Pulse. 

Pulse is designed to be an on-the-go connection point for busy retailers, enabling businesses already subscribed to the ThumbStopper Brand Manager to facilitate engagement on their social media platforms. Within the app, retailers can quickly and easily review, revise, and publish content produced by the brands they work with, all with just a few simple taps. 

“We developed Pulse to enable our retail customers to better control the branded content they syndicate and the channels that they choose to syndicate to,” said Matthew Brown, CEO of ThumbStopper. “By putting more choices in the hands of our retailers, we can ensure a better experience for them and more meaningful content shares, leading to greater visibility for our brand partners and better responsiveness from our retail customers. This connectivity will also pave the way for many future features, including easier communication between small businesses and their consumers,  the ability to address reviews easily and efficiently, and meaningful social metrics that provide a quick pulse on the state of their social presence, all in the palm of their hand.” 

Haneke Design’s team of designers worked closely with ThumbStopper to determine the desired feature set, user experience, and overall look and feel of the application. ThumbStopper and Haneke Design’s development teams collaboratively brought this vision to life creating the application, leveraging the React Native language for both Android & iOS devices. The mobile application is designed with user feedback in mind and has already received numerous positive reviews since launching earlier this month. Pulse is now available for download in both the Android and Apple App Stores


About ThumbStopper

ThumbStopper helps brands and retailers generate micro-moments of engagement through the curation, segmentation, and syndication of high-value content across leading social media platforms. ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager seamlessly connects branded digital assets to your most likely consumers via native organic social posting and advertising at scale. For more information, visit them online at thumbstopper.com/ and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter

About Haneke Design

Driven to amaze and delight users, Haneke Design is a Tampa, Florida-based interactive design and development firm focused on delivering user-centered solutions for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Haneke Design works with some of the world’s leading brands and advertising agencies to deliver multi-platform, cross-device campaigns. Additionally, Haneke Design helps SMB and enterprise customers mobilize their web applications and web services. These solutions integrate seamlessly, are easy to use, and deliver bottom-line results. Learn more at hanekedesign.com and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


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