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Buzz / 05 21, 2007

Haneke Design Builds Web Site for SI Systems

Side-SI-LO-TOWAs part of a corporate Web site project, Haneke Design decided that an animated infographic for SI Systems’ LOW-TOW conveyor system would be the best way to communicate the system’s value.

After many sessions with SI engineers, sales professionals and other marketing personnel, the Haneke Design team gained an understanding of the inner workings of the conveyor system and its unique features. The team was then able to develop an interactive assembly line that allowed the viewer to quickly understand how the system works and see the benefits of the solution.

The Haneke team designed a fictitious factory floor that viewers can navigate and evaluate the benefits at each stop on the assembly line.

About SI Systems
SI Production and Assembly Systems is part of a family of companies that provide automated material handling solutions for manufacturing, assembly, and distribution operations.


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