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Buzz / 10 10, 2012

Haneke Design Co-Creates One-of-a-Kind Music Experience for iPad with Debut of BAMM.tv App

bamm-sidebarHaneke Design, a leading mobile application developer, today announced that the BAMM.tv app, a one-of-a-kind music experience built exclusively for iPad, is available today for free download in the iTunes App Store.  The BAMM.tv app’s photo-realistic virtual venue offers users the chance to discover exclusive HD music videos from the best emerging bands. The app delivers an intuitive, engaging, slick experience that combines the character of a favorite hangout spot with the sophistication of professional quality HD music video content.

“Collaborating on this project with the Garcia Media team, Joe Zeff Design, GMD Three, and BAMM.tv founders Chris and Nick Hansen was a creative dream come true for us,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design.  “The BAMM.tv app is the quintessential example of the amazing experiences that designers and developers can create for iPad users today.  We’re happy, honored, and thankful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredibly talented group of people, and can’t wait for our next collaboration with them.”

Inside the BAMM.tv app, users will find a curated library of live performances, featuring the best new music from hundreds of emerging artists, as well as documentaries, episodic series, and much more.  The app and web site are constantly updated with new artists, videos and music. Previous musical formats beloved by fans – such as liner notes, vinyl album artwork, eclectic track arrangements of old-school mixtapes, and auto fidelity of CDs – can also be found in the app.

Users are guided on a tour through the app by photo-realistic avatars of the BAMM.tv staff to discover great new music.  Three different environments – ALLEY, LOBBY, and AUDITORIUM – await exploration. ALLY offers a hangout prior to entering the venue and watch TV; LOBBY offers exclusive content at the vending and is staffed with guides in case users get lost; and AUDITORIUM is the heart of the experience where users can hear music, watch videos, check tour dates, and create customized playmixes of favorite artists and share them on Facebook and twitter.

Premium content is also available, offering users access to ringtones, documentaries, live streams, and surprises behind the doors of the Control Room, Edit Suite, Lounge, and Backstage.

A video showing how to navigate the app can be viewed here.

The BAMM.tv app team, led by Dr. Mario Garcia and Garcia Media, tapped Haneke Design for their expertise in the seamless integration of design and programming.  Haneke Design’s development team programmed an award system into the BAMM.tv app that rewards users for exploring various features and unlocks protected content as they collect more tokens.  They developed a parallax viewing component to provide a 3D illusion to GMD Three’s photography, enabled “gamification” by integrating the app with Facebook and Badgeville, connected it to online ad services, and provided general user experience and technical guidance.

Joe Zeff Design provided the initial concept and design direction, and together with GMD Three produced many of the graphical elements.

The app was built from the ground up using native iOS code to deliver enhanced functionality.

Launched in 2010, BAMM.tv – short for Bricks and Mortar Media – connects emerging artists, entertainment service providers and audiences worldwide. Through an extensive global content distribution network, the company delivers fresh music video content from hot new artists to the web, mobile devices and television. BAMM.tv gives device makers and service providers a highly differentiated music offering without the hassle and high cost of traditional music licensing, while giving artists absolutely free HD music video content creation, an instant global audience, and 50 percent of the net profits from the music video distribution agreements.

BAMM.tv APP TUTORIAL from BAMM.tv Internal on Vimeo.


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