Haneke Design Creates Brand Identity for PrintCounts - Haneke Design

Brand Identity / 01 22, 2008

Haneke Design Creates Brand Identity for PrintCounts

side-printcountsPrintCounts enlists Haneke Design to create brand identity for their one-of-a-kind software product that monitors an office’s printer network.

The documents indicated in the logo were designed to appear as if they’re floating in space. Haneke Design did this to give the logo life while referencing the managed solution PrintCounts provides.

About PrintCounts
PrintCounts offers a managed solution for print management and assessment. The PrintCounts service allows for constant and direct analysis of a client’s entire network of printers. Viewing of page counts, device utilization, asset numbers, meter reads, toner levels and cost per copy calculations are all available remotely, providing for high levels of customer service and cost savings.


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