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Buzz / 01 11, 2005

Haneke Design Creates Brochure for AMSI

AMSI, a division of Geac, a global enterprise software company, enlisted Haneke Design for a customer communication piece that would reiterate the company’s commitment and focus on the property management business.

Haneke Design created a communication piece for existing customers to reinforce the product advancement, but more importantly highlight the people and brainpower behind the technology. The piece introduced the leadership team as the “faces behind the software.”

A multi-page brochure was created that clearly established the nature of the piece on the cover, which was addressed as “To you our valued customer.” Then the piece opened out into several spacious spreads showcasing Geac’s product managers with a short message and a screenshot showcasing some of the features of the application.

About AMSI
AMSI Property Management, an Infor company, has become the benchmark for excellence in multi-family property management software through sophisticated yet user-friendly, customized solutions. Serving more than 13,000 properties across the U.S. for the last two decades, AMSI has developed revolutionary web-based applications that help clients turn the daily challenges of property management into increased opportunities for improved revenue, streamlined operations and enhanced resident satisfaction.


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