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Buzz / 01 16, 2004

Haneke Design Creates Infographic for Hire Velocity

Side-HirevelocityHireVelocity, a leader in the recruitment and assessment of talent in demand, engaged Haneke Design to develop a visual that would quickly communicate the breadth of the HireVelocity solution components.

HireVelocity has a unique offering that integrates all aspects of the corporate assessment and hiring process. Haneke Design organized the visual content of the diagram in a way that explained to the viewer the flow and activity of the solutions, components, and also clearly showed its context to the core business. HireVelocity uses the diagram for sales materials and in PowerPoint and online.

HireVelocity Infographic

About Hire Velocity
Based in Tampa and Atlanta, Hire Velocity removes the pain of the hiring process for small and mid-sized companies that make at least 15 hires each year. With Hire Velocity’s turnkey best-in-class technology and the support of a seasoned team of hiring experts, SMBs can get control of their hiring processes, improve the quality of their hires and reduce the cost of recruitment.


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