Haneke Design Creates Infographic for iSkoot - Haneke Design

Buzz / 02 01, 2009

Haneke Design Creates Infographic for iSkoot

Top-iskootiSkoot enlisted Haneke Design to create a visually compelling infographic to show how its system works with APIs.

iSkoot allows non-smartphone users to connect to leading social networks on their mobile phones. Haneke Design created an infographic that visually explains how the system works with different APIs for carriers. The visual metaphor depicted how the solution works so prospects can understand and determine if they’d like to buy the product.

About iSkoot, Inc.
San Francisco-based iSkoot, Inc. works closely with mobile network operators to bring leading internet services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, and more to mobile handsets around the world. iSkoot’s Kalaida Platform brings the power of cloud computing to virtually any consumer mobile device and gives carriers the ability to deliver compelling interactive experiences with minimal impact on network and handset performance.


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