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Brand Identity / 09 01, 2020


Haneke Design creates new logo design for Tampa Bay Tech’s Peer Councils, as well as an amplification of their logo which had been designed several years ago.

As the area’s twenty-year-old tech council, Tampa Bay Tech serves the teams of the largest and fastest-growing technology companies in the market. The strongest engagement with members is through their three Peer Councils, which are: Software CEOs, Executive Leaders including CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and CDOs, and Emerging Leaders in the technology community.

“As these groups continued to grow, it became more and more important to clarify that our councils are a part of Tampa Bay Tech, and the previous marks were not designed with this overarching brand picture in mind,” said Jill St. Thomas, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Tech. “The Haneke team did a remarkable job of deciphering what we needed to accomplish and were able to create a modern, beautifully designed family of marks for our brand.”

New logos for Tampa Bay Tech designed by Haneke

“I’ve been a member of Tampa Bay Tech and their CEO Council for years now, and I understood the challenges they were having,” said Jody Haneke, CEO of Haneke Design. “With such a significant focus on brand design and user experience for our customers, it was a natural fit for my team to help out.”

About Haneke Design

Driven to amaze and delight users, Haneke Design is a Tampa, Florida-based interactive design and development firm focused on delivering user-centered solutions for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Haneke Design works with some of the world’s leading brands and advertising agencies to deliver multi-platform, cross-device campaigns. Additionally, Haneke Design helps SMB and enterprise customers mobilize their web applications and web services. These solutions integrate seamlessly, are easy to use, and deliver bottom-line results. Learn more at hanekedesign.com and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


About Tampa Bay Tech

Tampa Bay Tech is a 501(c) 6 non-profit technology council that has been engaging and uniting the local technology community for 20 years. With over 100 companies representing thousands of tech employees – as well as thousands of students within the area’s colleges and universities – Tampa Bay Tech provides programming and initiatives to radically connect the community, provides development opportunities, and supports Tampa Bay’s growing workforce. Through their membership and partnerships, their mission is to build a radically connected, flourishing tech hub where opportunity is abundant for all. Join our community at tampabay.tech and follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.


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