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Buzz / 01 01, 2011

Haneke Design Develops iPad App for Hatch Lighting that Gives Users Remote Control of LED Lighting Fixtures

HatchLink, the latest iPad application designed and developed by Haneke Design, connects wirelessly to Hatch Lighting controllers and gives their customers control of the relative intensity and color of light output right from their iPads. Simply selecting the desired color from a color chart or sliding a finger up or down allows users to manage each LED color independently, with a display at the top of the screen showing how the changes look in real time.  The app also allows users to manipulate a selection of whites via color temperature (2,700 – 25,000 degrees K).

“We really go out of our way to find challenging projects so we were really excited to work on an iPad application that communicates with, and controls, other hardware. We think this application goes a long way to show inventive uses for the iPad,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design, a leading mobile application, interactive and user experience design firm.  “We set out to create an application that would not only wow Hatch Lighting’s customers but also serve an important practical purpose. The HatchLink app works well for everyone from the sales professionals demonstrating the product to the customers using it on a daily basis.”

About Hatch Lighting
Hatch Lighting, founded in 1985, is the leading designer and manufacturer of premium power lighting products for the lighting industry. The company offers a full line of powers supplies including HID Ballasts, Low Voltage Electronic Transformers, LED Drivers, and Fluorescent Ballasts.


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