Haneke Design Enhances Total Toltrazuirl’s Brand with New ECommerce Website Design

Buzz / 08 24, 2023


Haneke Design provides Total Toltrazuril with brand refresh and custom Ecommerce website design to help enhance the appearance and functionality of their online store. 


Total Toltrazuril, an online retailer specializing in a medication that prevents and treats Coccidiosis and EPM in animals, reached out to Haneke Design to help elevate their ECommerce website.

Previously, the Total Toltrazuril website operated within the WooCommerce framework as a WordPress plugin. The company also relied on Shipworks, a third-party shipping platform, in an effort to streamline their shipping and fulfillment processes. However, these platforms presented substantial challenges, resulting in heightened complexities within Total Toltrazuril’s order management and fulfillment operations.

After determining Total Toltrazuril’s pain points and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of their digital presence, Haneke Design proposed a couple of recommendations.

“Haneke Design took the time to understand my company’s needs and requirements. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, they really work to understand the company and provide a solution that makes the most sense,” explains Larry Legend, Founder and CEO of Total Toltrazuril. 


Brand Refresh

First, Haneke Design addressed the overall brand, noting some areas for improvement. As a solution, the team suggested a brand refresh.

A brand refresh is different from rebranding in that the brand still maintains its core identity and strategy, but works to modernize or freshen up their overall look & feel.

To accomplish this, Haneke first worked to understand the brand: Who are they? How do they position themselves within the market? What are their pain points? Who is their competition?

Armed with these insights, Haneke Design created a tailored strategy to invigorate the brand.

For Total Toltrazuril, the recommended steps included devising a new logo design, crafting a fresh color palette, and conceptualizing new package labels. This approach aimed to enhance the brand’s overall aesthetic and establish a distinctive presence within the market.

before and after comparisons of Total Totltrazuril's logo for Ecommerce website design

before and after of product label designs for new Ecommerce website design


Website Design & Development

Next, the Haneke team addressed Total Toltrazuril’s website. 

Recognizing the significance of aligning brand aesthetics, Haneke Design advocated a complete website overhaul to match the revamped brand identity. Simultaneously, this provided an opportunity to address Total Toltrazuril’s issues with their existing e-commerce platform.

One significant concern for Total Toltrazuril centered around their hosting platform, which experienced frequent downtime, leading to abandoned carts and reduced sales. Another challenge involved the integration between WooCommerce and Shipworks, which was cumbersome and time-consuming.

After considering these paint points, Haneke Design recommended Shopify, a prominent ECommerce platform, as a solution. Shopify is renowned for its industry-leading hosting with a 99.99% uptime, as well as it’s user-friendly nature. This would substantially reduce website downtime and offer a streamlined solution, enabling Total Toltrazuril to consolidate sales, management, and order fulfillment within a single, centralized location.

With Shopify identified as the new ECommerce platform, the Haneke team worked to determine a theme that best suited Total Toltrazuril’s goals and objectives. In Shopify, a theme controls the organization, features, and style of your online store, meaning it’s extremely important to pick the right one. 

Subsequently, Haneke Design worked to design and build Total Toltrazuril’s new ECommerce website. Throughout the design process, close collaboration with Total Toltrazuril ensured the customization matched their expectations.

Once custom web design was complete, the Haneke Design team turned their attention to configuring Shopify’s backend, ensuring a seamless transition to Total Toltrazuril’s new site upon launch.

before & after image of ECommerce website design

Haneke Design provided Total Toltrazuril with a comprehensive transformation, encompassing a brand refresh and an upgraded ECommerce website design. This partnership ensured a cohesive and engaging brand experience, reinforcing Total Toltrazuril’s market presence and simplifying their operations for sustained growth.

About Total Toltrazuril

Total Toltrazuril is an online retailer specializing in a medication called Toltrazuril.

Total Toltrazuril LogoToltrazuril is a a top-of-the-line treatment for Coccidiosis and EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis) in animals. This solution also acts as a preventative for both diseases.

Total Toltrazuril’s mission is to ensure all animals live their happiest and healthiest lives. The company is veteran-owned, and proudly recognizes the servicemen and women who are serving, and have served.


About Haneke Design

Haneke Design’s mission is to provide clients with a team of passionate innovators dedicated to harnessing the full potential of digital technologies to amaze and delight end users.

Haneke Design logoBy leveraging the latest advancements in technology and staying at the forefront of industry trends, Haneke Design empowers businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Haneke Design was at the forefront of mobile application design and development from the day the iPhone was introduced, and continues to be an industry-recognized resource for custom software creation across all connected devices and browsers.

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