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Brand Identity / 06 16, 2023


DogJoy.Love is the newest lifestyle brand for dog enthusiasts, debuting just last week. With the mission to create fun and wholesome apparel that drives a sense of love for dogs, DogJoy.Love is sure to be a household name in no time. 


In 2022, DogJoy.Love approached Haneke Design with an idea for a lifestyle brand and an associated Ecommerce store, but they need some assistance bringing their concept to life.

“We had this great idea and we had this great New York-based artist produce a killer logo for us along with some really fun illustrations, but then what? That’s when Haneke Design came in. They helped us pull everything together and present it to the world in a cohesive way,” explains Tiffany Rafalski, Founder of DogJoy.Love.

From branding to website design and development to content strategy, Haneke Design has helped bring DogJoy.Love to life.



A recognizable, widely-loved brand is one of the most valuable assets for your business.

“Branding is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most important foundational steps for any company. It’s so much more than selecting colors or creating a logo, it’s how your customers perceive you.. and that is everything.” explains Haneke’s Marketing Coordinator, McKenzee Herron.

Haneke Design helped DogJoy.Love create a lifestyle brand that stands out and resonates with its audience.

DogJoy.Love came to Haneke with an overall sense of the brand’s look and feel. They had already established a great logo and illustrations to use for their graphic tees which gave Haneke a good foundation to build on.

woman giving brown and black dog a hugThe Haneke team worked to help DogJoy.Love define their brand identity beyond a logo. 

Haneke helped establish typography, as well as form and shape, choosing to go with organic, round shapes. 

Haneke and DogJoy.Love then worked together to define the brand voice, tone, style and messaging.

Next, the Haneke team worked to translate this brand identity to an Ecommerce store.


Shopify Design & Development 

After establishing DogJoy.Love’s branding, the Haneke Design team moved onto DogJoy.Love’s Ecommerce website. 

The Haneke Design team explored several Shopify themes to determine which options best aligned with the brand and it’s needs.

Once the theme was selected, the Haneke team began working on wireframing the website’s home page and catalog page. Once wireframes were approved, the Haneke team began building on the Shopify Content Management System (CMS). 

Next, Haneke worked to establish a content direction. This stage more closely involved the DogJoy.Love team to develop compelling content to display on the site. 

Once established, Haneke Design turned their focus to integrating content across all pages. After all content had been integrated and the site had been tested, Haneke helped to ensure a smooth upload to the live hosting environment.

The Haneke team also assisted DogJoy.Love in working through the logistics of setting up an Ecommerce store.

Haneke helped create a SKU system, and worked alongside DogJoy.Love to integrate Ship-Bob, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that fulfills Ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.

Be sure to check out DogJoy.Love’s site to shop their apparel!

tshirts with dog graphics on them


Digital Marketing Services 

With branding established and an Ecommerce store ready to go, DogJoy.Love shifted their focus to marketing efforts.

Haneke Design partnered up with DogJoy.Love to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that supports both long-term and short-term goals. 

young man in brown shirt with smiling dog

Haneke’s strategy started with user persona development. The team worked to create profiles of the typical DogJoy.Love customer in order to better understand who they are marketing to.

With the ‘who’, established, the Haneke team then shifted their attention to the ‘how’. Haneke researched and determined the optimal keywords to target in order to gain visibility in front of the appropriate target audience.

Next, the Haneke team zoned in on content strategy and creation, as well as a social media strategy. Using the established brand identity and prior research, Haneke helped to create a long-term strategy, as well as a proposed content calendar. 

Now, the Haneke team works closely with DogJoy.Love to execute on that strategy, creating content and building a community around the brand via social media channels. 

At the end of each month, Haneke meets with DogJoy.Love to review the results of the previous month’s marketing efforts and identifies areas to improve upon in order to better build brand awareness and increase lead generation.

“We look forward to continuing a partnership with Haneke Design as we build this brand into a household name,” says Tiffany.


About DogJoy.Love

DogJoy.Love is a lifestyle brand on a mission to create a community of dog lovers. 

dogjoy.love logoFounded by Tiffany and Ed Rafalski, DogJoy.Love was created to encourage the love of dogs and to highlight the pleasure that dogs bring to our lives.

The company is rooted in the idea that every dog deserves to not only feel safe and a sense of belonging, but also to feel joy. 

Not only does DogJoy.Love celebrate dogjoy, but they also work to create more of it with 20% of profits going directly to animal rescue organizations  

Inspiration for DogJoy.Love derived from first-hand experience with Tiffany & Ed’s rescue pups, Teddy and Sasha.


About Haneke Design

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By leveraging the latest advancements in technology and staying at the forefront of industry trends, Haneke Design empowers businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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