Haneke Design Partners with Berkeley Preparatory School to Virtually Teach Mobile App Design to Students - Haneke Design

Buzz / 12 02, 2020


Haneke Design’s team of designers are working with Berkeley Preparatory School to teach the foundational elements of mobile app design. Once a week during the school year, a designer from the Haneke Design team virtually joins the Mobile App class to teach UI/UX and guide them through the design process of creating a mobile application. 

At Haneke Design, our goal is to amaze and delight the end-user. That begins with a design that is focused on the user experience/user interface. Throughout the school year, the design team will work to educate the class on how to take an idea and mold it into a design for a mobile application. Students will see and experience the application design process from start to finish while gaining a better understanding of real-world applications for their designs. 

“Seeing the students light up with creative ideas is always so impressive,” said James DeMass, Designer at Haneke Design. “Working with these students and teaching them the foundational elements of application design has been so rewarding. It is such a great opportunity for them to explore career opportunities within the design field, and I am excited to be a part of it!”

The program is designed to teach students about identifying problems that mobile apps can help solve. They are also taught to think critically about whom their target user is and what features would be most useful for them in the app. They are then taken through the design process during which they create screen flows and spirit designs. The goal is to have a functioning mobile application by the end of the school year.

Haneke Design and Berkeley have worked together in the past collaborating on a virtual reality gallery for the Berkeley Art Department for their Annual Concepts Art Show


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