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Buzz / 07 12, 2011

Haneke Design President to Speak at AMA Tampa Bay’s July Meeting

AMA_press_release-04Millions of consumers are increasingly using their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to access information and make buying decisions. Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design, along with Mary Stenmark, marketing and sales director at MSNBC, will present at AMA Tampa Bay’s July program, “Mobile Marketing: Harness the Power of the Small Screen to Grow Your Business.” This is the second time Jody Haneke has been invited to speak to AMA Tampa Bay. He first discussed mobile marketing at the group’s December 2009 program.

When a marketer understands mobile’s potential as a marketing channel, they can increase engagement with customers and prospects. Together, Haneke and Stenmark will help attendees understand the basics of mobile marketing and teach how to integrate the “power of the small screen” into their marketing mix.

Haneke will share case studies of how his firm has used mobile marketing to position clients’ brands and grow their business. Attendees will walk away knowing the different types of mobile marketing and how/when to use them, calls to action that work and how to measure the return on investment.

For more information, visit http://www.amatampabay.org.


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