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Buzz / 07 27, 2007

Haneke Design Upgrades Intelladon Web Site with Interactive Video

side-intelladonIntelladon, a Tampa-based provider of e-learning solutions, enlisted Haneke Design to create a new Web presence that would showcase Intelladon’s products and services while guiding visitors to the information pertaining to their specific needs.

Intelladon had experienced rapid growth and an increasing consumer awareness of online education opportunities, required a Web site that could showcase its portfolio and success stories, and quickly capture the interest of prospective clients. Additionally, online content had to be aligned with the company’s existing sales messaging.

To accomplish these goals, Haneke Design built a site that incorporates a series of interactive Adobe Flash videos starring an Intelladon team member. The video content engages visitors, asks questions pertaining to their specific need(s), and leads viewers through a self-directed, interactive experience. This approach allows Intelladon to more effectively target each consumer’s “pain point(s)” with the most applicable and detailed information necessary to convert the sale.

The site then provides various “calls-to-action” that lead users to download case studies and white papers, or view software demos. This entire experience automates the sales process in a way that mirrors the best practices of a face-to-face meeting with Intelladon’s knowledgeable staff.

About Intelladon Corporation
Intelladon Corporation is a premier provider of learning solutions, combining software and services to meet all your training needs. We meet the unique requirements of our customers in both the public and private sectors.


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