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Buzz / 01 31, 2012

Jody Haneke Heads Back to Alma Mater to Speak at Career Conference

side-RCAD-nextStepOn February 3rd and 4th, Ringling College of Art and Design’s Career Services Center will host its 2012 Next Step Career Conference: House of Cards at the Sarasota, Florida campus. The Conference, which caps off the College’s Career Week events, is designed to give students valuable professional contacts and insights. A number of Ringling’s illustrious alumni were invited to come back to campus and share their experiences and advice with the students – and Haneke Design’s Jody Haneke, class of 1995, was among them.

On February 4, Haneke will host a roundtable dedicated to the discussion of Design Opportunities. Students travel to various roundtables throughout the day to sit with the hosts, inquire about trends and opportunities in their fields, and exchange valuable information and contacts. To add to the rich, personal experience of the roundtables, Ringling will also host two general sessions featuring keynote speakers. On Friday, February 3rd, students will hear an evening presentation from Rob Humphrey, Lead University Evangelist from LinkedIn. On Saturday, February 4th, the day begins with another keynote by Moby Francke, Visual Designer of Valve Software.

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