Jody Haneke Speaks at the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference - Haneke Design

Buzz / 05 14, 2009

Jody Haneke Speaks at the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference

Side-FLBoomers-2009President of Haneke Design, Jody Haneke, joins his client BodyLogicMD in a presentation at the inaugural Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference titled, “Finding Riches in Niches – Boomer Marketing Success.”

Haneke is joining his clients to present a case study on how the BodyLogicMD team crafted a sophisticated marketing strategy outlining the role that their Web presence, Internet and new media strategies played in their success. Specifically, Haneke will discuss how user experience design plays a key role in designing online solutions for the Baby Boomer demographic.

The Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference will explore the issues that are having the greatest impact on boomers’ lives now and how businesses can best market their products and services to this highly influential demographic.


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