Jody Haneke Speaks at TM Forum Management World Orlando 2008 - Haneke Design

Buzz / 11 03, 2008

Jody Haneke Speaks at TM Forum Management World Orlando 2008

Side-TMForum2008Haneke Design President Jody Haneke will present “Branding and Selling in a Multi-Screen World” at TM Forum Management World 2008. His session will explore revenue opportunities for multi-screen communication services from consumer goods branding to m-commerce.

Using data from real mobile and multi-channel marketing campaigns, future marketing tactics for developing brands and increasing sales volume were debated. The session also discussed ways in which programs can link together user behavior and preference in a social networking context.

Management World Orlando is TM Forum’s premiere event, providing information, communications and entertainment professionals an opportunity to meet to define, discuss and figure out the critical issues and solutions surrounding the creation, delivery and monetization of today’s digital services.


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