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Buzz / 04 28, 2016


Three new videos developed by Haneke Design explain how LotVantage clients can leverage local, national and social marketplaces to move inventory fast.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to shopping for cars, boats, RVs and other vehicles online. In addition to dealer web sites, people turn to sites like Craigslist and eBay or social media sites to do their research, compare prices, and get the lowdown from other consumers about a dealership or a vehicle they want to buy.  

Managing all of those postings to showcase their inventory can be a hugely time consuming and hit-or-miss process for dealers. So LotVantage, a provider of classified ad posting software, fixed that problem with a solution that creates content, posts and updates ads, funnels traffic, collects leads and converts shoppers into customers. To help busy dealers grasp how the process works in under a minute, LotVantage enlisted Haneke Design to develop three new explainer videos for their web site.

“Haneke Design showed us how we could easily and effectively communicate the value of our solutions using short animated videos instead of lots of text and static images,” said Matthew Brown, President & CEO of LotVantage. “These videos perfectly capture the value we deliver and show customers exactly how they benefit. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The Craigslist video shows dealers how they can drive more sales to their locations by automating the ad posting and updating process. The eBay video explains how easy it is to automatically create and manage multiple auctions at any time and reach a national audience.  The social media video demonstrates why engaging consumers on platforms such as Facebook builds trust, offers greater opportunities to showcase inventory and ultimately generates more leads.

“Our team zeroed in on dealer’s anxieties about managing ads and social content, and alleviated them by showing just how much time they could save and more money they could be making by using LotVantage’s software,” said Jody Haneke, President of Haneke Design. “We were going for that ‘aha moment,’ when it finally sinks in that there’s a much better way to generate more sales, and outsourcing that function to an expert is the way to go. I think we achieved that with these videos.”

About LotVantage

LotVantage’s core focus on free & classified marketplaces for dealerships has put us ahead of the competition when it comes to funneling traffic, collecting leads, and – what really matters – converting shoppers into customers. To learn more, visit motors.lotvantage.com.


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