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Buzz / 12 06, 2017


Haneke Design develops and designs mobile app to help hoteliers increase efficiency and accuracy.


A proven leader in hotel-specific accounting and business intelligence software, M3 was the first hospitality accounting software delivered online, equipping hotel owners, operators and managers with enhanced tools for improving data-based decision-making. As part of their efforts to help hoteliers drive financial performance using software and technology, M3 brought on Haneke Design to create a completely reinvented mobile app interface that delivers hotel performance at a glance.

Mobile App Functionality

The spirit of the M3 app is to allow General Managers of hotel properties to have a quick access dashboard to view KPI’s compared to last year. The user’s landing page inside of the app is a dashboard with 6 gauges which show data for each hotel KPI. If the user taps on a specific gauge, it rotates into focus and expands to display more in-depth data that a user can toggle through.


The mobile app features a dashboard view that allows hotel owners and staff to see how their hotel is performing based on common indicators like occupancy percentage, revenue, and food and beverage sales.

The app allows the user to navigate between properties in a portfolio with the swipe of a finger, or toggle between the prior year or budget comparisons to view variances based on daily, month-to-date or year-to-date numbers in the current year.

Additionally, the user can select different properties from the locations list and also toggle between different days to view the data for a particular location and day.

“This app is all about data visualization. We wanted the user to be able to access several points of data at once, understand trends at a glance, and drill down into details,” noted Jason Rivers, Director of Design Services at Haneke Design.

Often times, hotel’s systems are extremely archaic when it comes to displaying data. That’s why M3’s mission is to use the latest technology to drive success and increase the hotel’s earnings.

“Haneke Design translated our pain points and turned them into solutions in this new mobile app. We have already received extremely positive feedback from our clients and are excited to continue to see how we can develop the features and functions of the app even further,” said Tim Pinson, Senior VP of Information Technology at M3.

Now hoteliers can spend less time worrying and sorting through disparate data sources, and focus more on driving their hotel’s financial performance with M3.

About M3
M3 is the national leader in hotel-specific accounting software, operations reporting, business intelligence and analytics, processing more than $21 billion in financial transactions for more than 5,000 properties. M3’s integrated suite of hospitality accounting products includes Accounting Core, Operations Management, Time Management payroll and labor management services, and document imaging and retrieval – all designed to help provide hotel operators, owners, and managers unsurpassed access to the information they need in the most integrated and cost-effective manner. M3 also offers outsourced hotel accounting solutions via M3 Professional Services. More information is available at http://www.m3as.com.


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