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Buzz / 09 19, 2013

MamaBear App Selects Haneke Design as Development Partner

Tampa, Fla. – (Sept. 19, 2013) – Sometimes the best solution to a pressing business problem can be found just by taking a walk down the street.  That’s exactly what happened when Robyn Spoto, president of parenting app startup MamaBear, stopped in to see Jody Haneke at his offices a few blocks away from her company’s downtown headquarters at Tampa Bay WaVE.  As they caught up, she told him about MamaBear’s enthusiastic reception among parents and their need for a partner that could help them reach the market faster with intended app updates.

Once their respective teams met, MamaBear chose Haneke Design to be its official development partner to implement a new user interface.

“Working with Robyn and her team has been an amazing experience for us,” said Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “Their talents, vision, and dedication to keeping kids safe are inspiring. Our developers immediately clicked with them and we are proud to be their development partner for both iOS and Android applications.”

The MamaBear app was created to monitor kids’ social media use, whereabouts, and driving habits.  Both parent and child have to download versions of the app on their smartphones for it to work. The app was created to give parents, who would otherwise have a difficult time monitoring everything their kids are doing on social media, while out with friends, or navigating the roads as new drivers, peace of mind.  Location monitoring lets parents know their kids’ locations at all times and alerts them to arrival or departure of pre-set places.

“Working with Jody and his talented team has allowed us to focus on building our in-house team without missing a beat with intended upgrades to families using the app.  They are a great group of real professionals delivering quality work in a market full of self-acclaimed experts,” said Spoto.

MamaBear is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play or via

“We’re passionate about helping local startups like MamaBear to thrive and excited to be supporting the growth of another promising Tampa company,” Haneke continued.


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