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Buzz / 09 15, 2023


Don Gillespie’s story is one marked by relentless pursuit of innovation and a remarkable ability to adapt to the ever-changing realms of design and technology.

Don’s career began in the aerospace industry, as a designer for Honeywell.

“My roots have always been in design, but I’ve also been very passionate about technology so I was eager to find a career that allowed me to pursue both,” Don explains. 

Following his time with Honeywell, Don established himself as a trailblazer in the tech landscape, helming his own virtual company in the early 90’s – an era well before the recent surge in remote work. It was there that Don and Jody Haneke met, forging a strong relationship as coworkers.

Fast forward to 2017 – Jody was now the CEO of Haneke Design and found himself in need of a Resource Manager. Luckily for him, he knew just the person to reach out to.

“With a strong background in both design and technology, and years of experience in the industry, Don was the perfect fit for Haneke Design,” says Jody Haneke.

At the time, Don was part of an aerospace residency project but decided to jump back into the commercial software development industry. Since then, Don has orchestrated a symphony of operations at Haneke Design.

With his official title as Resource Manager, Don’s role transcends traditional boundaries. His knack for assembling the right talent for the right projects has been a cornerstone of Haneke Design’s success story. Whether it is assembling teams, managing resources, or ensuring the availability of essential resources, Don’s diverse expertise fuels the tech-driven engine of Haneke Design.

When asked about his favorite aspect of being part of Haneke Design’s tech-savvy family, Don noted he gets joy out of seeing complex, innovative solutions take shape. 

“Our clients come to us for our expertise. They typically have an idea of what they’re looking for, but they trust us to properly define their challenges and engineer top-level solutions. Our team does an exceptionally great job of turning those ideas into tangible solutions,” Don explains. 

Don embodies the seamless fusion of innovation, collaboration, and visionary leadership that define the contemporary tech landscape. Don’s dedication to creating solutions from ideas, his passion for assembling exceptional teams, and his deep understanding of the transformative power of technology encapsulate the spirit of Haneke Design.

In celebrating Don’s story, we also celebrate the essence of what drives our company forward – a passion for innovation, design and technology, and the ability to adapt to changing environments.  


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