Meet Jason Rivers: Celebrating a Decade with Haneke Design

Buzz / 08 10, 2023


This past month, Jason Rivers reached a huge milestone, celebrating a decade with Haneke Design. For the past ten years, Jason has been the creative force behind Haneke Design, serving as the Director of Design and contributing significantly to the agency’s success. 



Having known Jody Haneke since their teenage years, and being a previous co-worker of Jody’s at another design/tech company in the early 2000s, the transition to Haneke Design in 2013 felt natural. 

“I was particularly interested in the agency model, and the ability to work across a variety of different industries. It can become a bit redundant when you are doing design work for the same product or brand over and over, but Haneke provides me with an outlet to do work for a variety of different industries like cybersecurity, healthcare, shipping, logistics etc.,” explains Jason.

Early on in his career as Haneke’s Director of Design, Jason noticed that many designers joining the team lacked extensive product design experience. So instead of merely looking for direct experience, he and the company focused on hiring for talent and potential.  

“The qualities of a good designer are inherent, and while talent cannot be taught, the ability to apply that talent to products can be cultivated,” says Jason

Jason’s commitment to hiring for potential and talent, as well as his dedication to mentoring, have enabled him to create a team of top-level designers. The team he’s cultivated over the last 10 years has helped set the tone for Haneke’s design style, philosophy and processes. 


Looking Back

Over the past decade, Jason has played a role in a large list of projects, and when asked about his most significant projects during his time with Haneke, he mentioned two standout experiences. 

“The first was the Calcium Pro application, a groundbreaking tool created in collaboration with a Parathyroid surgeon who had patented a procedure for hyperparathyroidism,” says Jason. 

The application allowed users to enter blood test data and determine their likelihood of the disease, serving as a lead generation tool for the surgeon’s surgical center. The app even caught the attention of the United Nations Secretary-General, who used it before undergoing surgery.

“The second project that left a lasting impact was the One World Explorer Experience,” Jason notes. 

Jason and the team designed and built an application for the One World Observatory in New York’s One World Trade Center in New York. The app provided an interactive virtual reality guide for visitors, enabling them to experience New York like never before. 

Reflecting on the last 10 years, Jason notes that Haneke Design has done an exceptionally great job of embracing change while staying true to its core principles. The company has progressed alongside the shifts and advancements in the industry and remained focused on problem-solving and consulting, providing clients with recommendations and advice rather than just executing tasks. 

Jason also notes some of the lessons learned over the last decade as Haneke’s Director of Design, like the importance of engaging with and learning from other designers, and the ability to empathize with users.

“It is not just about aesthetics; it is about creating experiences that resonate with the end-users on a deeper level,” Jason explains. 

Jason has been an integral part of the Haneke Design team for the last 10 years. His unwavering dedication and passion for his craft will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on Haneke Design for years to come.


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