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Buzz / 08 26, 2016


Haneke Design’s latest app for client Atticus helps users hire an attorney on demand to fight traffic tickets; avoid points and other pain.

Traffic tickets can be a minor inconvenience or wreak havoc on a consumers’ life.  Just a few traffic violations can really add up in terms of time spent fighting a traffic ticket, the points added to a driving record, and the increase in insurance premiums that will result from them. To help take some of the pain out of the experience, attorney Michael LaScala thought up a new way to connect criminal defense attorneys with clients in immediate need of assistance with low-level traffic citations, such as speeding or reckless driving violations. And snap, just like that, the Atticus mobile app was born.

For a $249 fee, the Atticus mobile app gives users the power to take pictures of their traffic citations, input basic information like court dates, personal information, and payment, and send the information to a database of qualified and vetted local criminal defense attorneys who can offer assistance.

“Haneke Design was the perfect agency for us to rely on to realize our vision for this application,” said Jabari Moore, CEO of Atticus. “Their track record of success in mobile application development, and their focus on making apps that have real utility and therefore have better adoption and profitability sold us. Collaborating with them was a tremendously positive experience.”

Once the client and attorney connect via the Atticus mobile app and the case has been accepted, clients are notified regarding the times that their attorney checks in and out of court. After the hearing, the attorney enters the final fine amount and submits a photo of the final disposition. If a fine is required, the app provides the option for clients to allow the attorneys to pay the fine for them at the courthouse and then extracts the funds from the client’s account so that the attorney can be reimbursed immediately.

“The utility of this application and the number of people it is positioned to help really resonated with us,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “Most of us can relate to getting a traffic ticket and the expense and challenges that can result from them. The Atticus mobile app offers drivers a helpful, easy and efficient way to challenge a citation. We greatly enjoyed developing this app for Atticus and expect it will perform very well.”


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