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Buzz / 12 08, 2016


New venture, HandRolled Technologies, focuses on building digital products with singular focus and speed to validation

Haneke Design is proud to introduce its new affiliated digital product development company, HandRolled Technologies. Established in June 2016, HandRolled Technologies focuses on building, testing, and deploying new products that solve very specific challenges on an accelerated timeline.

“We’ve been helping our clients bring products to market for the past 15 years, and we now want to leverage that experience for ourselves,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “The products we’re developing are not revolutionary; they’re evolutionary. Our mission is to take the hard parts of your digital life and make them more human.”

Jesse Curry, Haneke Design’s director of development, will head product development for HandRolled Technologies. Curry envisioned and built the company’s first product, whoLIST, a chatbot tool that makes it possible to send out group text message invitations and have the replies sent only to the original sender, not the entire group. The recipients simply type IN or OUT to RSVP or they can type WHO to see a running list of attendees and their status.

“Getting our hands dirty with the latest techniques and technologies gives us a huge leg up when it comes to product innovation,” said Curry. “Over the years we’ve built a lot of background technology and crafted internal tools to support our client projects, but never had a place to develop those into viable products. Now we do. It’s an exciting new area of opportunity for us.”

HandRolled’s second product, WorstElectionEver.com, tapped into voters’ overwhelming dislike and distrust of both candidates and invited them to evaluate each candidate on who would be the worst pick with respect to each one’s capacity for lying, flip flopping, racism, and other negative traits. Voters were also encouraged to submit their picks for which candidate they thought was worse on issues regarding the economy, security and foreign policy, immigration, and women’s rights.

WorstElectionEver’s results accurately predicted the election outcome – with over 64% of participants declaring Hillary Clinton the worst candidate and choosing Donald Trump as the winner.

For a breakdown of WorstElectionEver.com’s unorthodox but winning forecast of the election results, check out Curry’s breakdown and infographics for WorstElectionEver, comparing them with Nate Silver’s predictions from the influential FiveThirtyEight blog.


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