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Buzz / 03 14, 2017


Custom iPad App developed by Haneke Design now accommodates 10 languages plus more intuitive user orientation

One World Observatory sits atop one of New York City’s most iconic and tallest buildings, One World Trade. With over 2.3 million visitors so far, the success and ever expanding nature of this project continues to grow.

Using the One World Explorer iPad app, visitors are able to self-guide a 360-degree panoramic view through floor-to-ceiling windows from 101st floor on the viewing deck. Combining live views with text overlay for major Points of Interests, this app completes the experience for anyone visiting the observation deck.

Due to its popularity and diverse user base, the app now accommodates a total of 10 languages, with the 2 newest languages being Hindi and Korean. The Haneke Team also optimized and added design conventions to improve the user experience of the app with enhanced orientation accuracy. After 2 years of observing user interaction with the app, Haneke Design was able to identify predictive UI conventions. For example, when a user has the app in the state of rest parallel to the floor, a screen slides up with the different regions to explore and select their next view.

Originally launched in 2015, the One World Explorer App is one of the most exciting features that tourists can experience. The app acts as a personal tour guide, giving context and valuable information to what was once just a view.

One World Explorer App Running on TabletGuests enjoy a variety of food and beverage options while they take in the view from the 101st floor.

The New York Daily News quotes, “The High-Tech bedazzlement will start the moment vistors’ tickets are scanned.” One of the goals of this project was to incorporate forward-thinking tech into every aspect of the journey.

With the new language updates, now even more people will be able to experience the wonder of the One World Observatory.


Check out the view from the 101st floor:

One World Explorer App Running on Tablet

One World Explorer App Running on Tablet

One World Explorer App Running on Tablet

One World Explorer App Running on Tablet


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