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Buzz / 03 30, 2009

Smile! Haneke Design Delights iPhone Users with Framerz Custom Photo Framing App

Side-framerzFramerz, a new iPhone application that launched this week by Tampa-based smart phone development group Mad Mobile, allows iPhone owners to customize their photos with uniquely designed frames and captions.

Haneke Design, a Tampa-based interactive marketing and design firm, created the fun and engaging user experience Mad Mobile wanted for iPhone owners to merge photos taken on their phone’s camera with Framerz’ fun frames. With the application, users simply take a photo and choose one of dozens of custom frames. They can then scale and position the photo within the frame and send it to all of their friends via email or text message.

Downloading Framerz to your iPhone costs only 99 cents and lets you custom frame an infinite number of candid shots taken with your iPhone’s camera, and then send them directly to your friends’ phones for them to see. Framerz is available for download now at the iPhone App store. Think you’re an angel? Choose the frame. Think your friend is acting devilish? Frame his photo and send it to him. Subscribers have 40 different frames available to them.

Haneke Design helps clients develop strategies for making the transition to mobile. The firm’s experience includes messaging campaigns and the creation of mobile websites and applications. Haneke Design has helped many national and local B2B companies as well as B2C companies go mobile. Jody Haneke is one of few user experience designers in Tampa Bay working on iPhone applications.


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