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Buzz / 06 29, 2016


Latest version of popular grocery calculator app features direct access to voice-to-text option

Earlier this year, Haneke Design launched Black Rabbit Trading LLC’s Sumit Easy Grocery Calculator mobile application, available for free download on Apple’s iTunes Store. Today, the agency announced the debut of the Android version of the app, which can be found on Google Play.

“As we built awareness for the iOS version of the Sumit app, we received plenty of excellent feedback and enthusiastic responses from users and forums,” said Christopher Padula, co-founder of Black Rabbit Trading LLC. “But we kept getting requests for an Android version. It made sense for us to make the app available to this community of users as soon as possible, and share the benefits of Sumit with as many consumers as possible.”

Christopher and his wife, Maira, came up with the idea for the Sumit app after they finally had enough with exceeding their weekly grocery budget every time they left the checkout line. They tried various calculator apps, but none offered the simplicity and ease of use they sought. After collaborating with Haneke Design, they were finally able to develop an app that helped them stay on track: the Sumit Easy Grocery Calculator.

Haneke Design created an easy-to-use app that allows shoppers to keep a running total of the items in their grocery cart, create shopping lists with voice, text, or keyboard; add prices quickly and keep track of spending as you go. The app will also let users save grocery lists for future shopping trips.

The Sumit Easy Grocery Calculator for Android has all of the same features as the iOS version, but also includes a microphone icon on the “Add item” screen that allows a user to directly access and use the voice-to-text option on the Android keyboard to add items to a list. In the iOS version, a user can still use voice-to-text by tapping the microphone icon on the iOS keyboard.

“Google Android has the largest market share among smartphone users, so the potential for greater adoption of the Sumit mobile app goes up dramatically with this release,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “We are excited to be a partner in Black Rabbit Trading’s success.”




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