/ 05 01, 2008

Haneke Design Creates Mobile Web Site for a Target Sweepstakes Centered on the New Speed Racer Movie

Side-TargetSpeedRacerHaneke Design was engaged by Target to design and build a Web site specifically for mobile devices in conjunction with the launch of a sweepstakes centered on the new Speed Racer movie. The sweepstakes included winning a trip to Japan to attend the 2009 Indy Japan 300 Race.

To enter, fans text a special keyword to Target. Upon entering, contestants are given a special web link to access the site on their mobile phone to view the movie trailer, find related toys and gear, get movie-related wallpaper, and more. Haneke Design made certain the content was accessible, the design was simple yet effective and aesthetic, the file sizes were small and the site was compatible with top-selling mobile devices.


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