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Buzz / 04 15, 2011

The Casey Group Introduces Keyoobi, Road Warriors’ Dream iPad App

side-keyoobiToday’s time pressed road warriors have a reason to rejoice – their lives just got a little easier. The Casey Group today announced the introduction of the Keyoobi iPad application, available now in the App Store. Keyoobi is the first iPad application that lets users see their day’s appointments as a route using Google Maps. It shows users the exact amount of travel time they’ll have between appointments, displays the best route to get there, and identifies clients or prospects in the vicinity that may be scheduled in along the way.

“Keyoobi visually packages three basic pieces of information together: who, where and when to help people manage their travel schedules, whether for business or pleasure,” said Richard P. Casey, chairman and CEO of The Casey Group. “And the fact that its Contact and Calendar data synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange servers means it immediately leverages the legacy infrastructures of most corporations.”

Keyoobi will:

  • Integrate with Contacts, Calendar and Maps
  • Work for Enterprise users who synchronize their calendar and contacts with Exchange servers or Gmail
  • Display appointment times and Color code routes based on travel time and appointment time
  • Group Contacts with customizable pins and categories that are shown on the route map
  • Route your next appointment in real time based on current location.

Keyoobi retails for $4.99 and is available for download now in the App Store. More details about the app and a video demonstrating how to use it can be found at

About The Casey Group
Since its founding in 1989, The Casey Group has been serving clients ranging from local professional services firms to Global Fortune 500 companies. The Casey Group has over twenty years of experience in systems development and integration, ranging from enabling legacy mainframe systems working with cross platform services to creating mobile applications to handle processing needs that require backend system integration. To learn more about The Casey Group, visit or call 877-227-3947.


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