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Buzz / 10 25, 2012

UK’s Guardian Ranks Among Top 20 Apps

bamm-news-sidebarEarlier this month, Haneke Design – along with co-creators Garcia Media, Joe Zeff Design, and the founders – released the iPad app.  It didn’t take much time for the shiny new app to start racking up the accolades.  Within days of the app on iTunes, Stuart Dredge of The Guardian’s Apps Blog declared it one of the top 20 apps of the week.  Check it out!


The app, a one-of-a-kind music experience built exclusively for iPad, is a photo-realistic virtual venue that offers users the chance to discover exclusive HD music videos from the best emerging bands. The app delivers an intuitive, engaging, slick experience that combines the character of a favorite hangout spot with the sophistication of professional quality HD music video content.


Inside the app, users will find a curated library of live performances, featuring the best new music from hundreds of emerging artists, as well as documentaries, episodic series, and much more.  The app and web site are constantly updated with new artists, videos and music. Previous musical formats beloved by fans – such as liner notes, vinyl album artwork, eclectic track arrangements of old-school mixtapes, and auto fidelity of CDs – can also be found. A video showing how to navigate the app can be viewed here.


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