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Buzz / 11 10, 2023


Meet Aaron, Haneke Design’s Product Strategist who brings a unique blend of finance expertise, a passion for storytelling, and a dedication to crafting exceptional user experiences to our team.

Before joining Haneke Design, Aaron worked at Chase Bank, where he played a vital role in the analytical team for business products. This experience provided him with a solid foundation in business and its processes. Even prior to his time at Chase Bank, Aaron had a talent for storytelling, a skill he honed during his freelance filmmaking endeavors.

“I gained experience in filmmaking through freelancing on various projects in the Tampa Bay area. I have worked on a variety of films on Reality TV, Nature Docs, Documentary films, and Independent Films,” Aaron explains.

Aaron’s journey to Haneke Design was serendipitous. He crossed paths with us through a recruiter, seeking an escape from the finance world. Haneke, at the time, was in need of someone who could refine and streamline its business processes. Aaron’s first meeting with Jason Rivers, Haneke’s Director of Design, and Don Gillespie, Haneke’s Resource Manager, marked the beginning of a transformational journey.

Despite being new to the concept of user stories, Aaron’s desire to transition into the tech sector compelled him to embrace this challenge. Whether in finance or tech, the objective of improving processes and modernizing services remained consistent. He quickly grasped the essence of it all, starting with identifying pain points and truly understanding the end user.

After spending nearly two years with Haneke, Aaron reflects on his most rewarding projects. Notably, the Gerdau project and the expansion of the driver connection app stand out. These endeavors involved extensive discovery work, and Aaron is excited to witness the continued growth of the app. The Frank Crum project has also been a high point. It’s a reminder that feedback, even for existing products, plays a pivotal role in shaping solutions beyond the enterprise.

“Now is the best time to dive into the world of product strategy. It’s an open field where your willingness to learn, adapt, and actively listen matters more than formal qualification,” says Aaron.

For Aaron, understanding your customers and teammates is beyond important. His mantra is simple: it’s about the individual, and anyone can make a difference. His belief in diverse teams and opinions as the linchpin of product success resonates with Haneke’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Aaron’s enthusiasm for the future is palpable. He’s eager to continue contributing to product growth and aiding clients in bringing their visions to life.

Aaron’s journey reminds us that every product is a narrative. It’s about answering the question: Why should your customer care about what you’re creating? Aaron embodies Haneke’s commitment to creating exceptional digital experiences and the belief that, with the right mindset, you can always pivot and excel in new territories.


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