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07 27, 2023

The Art of Collaborative Digital Product Design: When Clients Become Partners

In an agency model, the designer’s key role is that of transforming a client’s business concept into a remarkable digital product design. As digital product designers, we are not just mere executors of our client’s wishes. We are consultants, experts in our field, and the clients are paying for our valuable expertise. Let’s explore how…

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06 20, 2023

A Killer Portfolio is the Most Important Asset for a Product Designer

Product design is an incredibly competitive field, with countless talented professionals vying for the same opportunities. In such a crowded landscape, it’s crucial for job-seeking product designers to stand out from the pack.  While a strong resume and educational background may be factors, they pale in comparison to a portfolio of work that showcases a…

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04 24, 2023

Over-Reliance on AI Tools is Diminishing Creativity for Designers

AI tools have become increasingly popular in various industries, including graphic design. With their ability to automate repetitive tasks, generate ideas based on data, and produce designs quickly and accurately, it is no surprise that designers may be tempted to rely on them more heavily. “While AI tools can be useful in some cases, there…

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