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08 29, 2014

Columnist Charles M. Blow’s Memoir, Fire Shut Up in My Bones, Comes to Life on New Responsive Web Site

New York Times columnist and CNN commentator Charles M. Blow’s new memoir, Fire Shut Up in My Bones, is scheduled for release September 23, 2014. The memoir mines the rich but often violent and painful arc of Blow’s childhood growing up in rural Louisiana in the late 20th century, where the legacy of slavery lingered…

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03 19, 2014

Haneke Design, Find and Convert Partner to Redesign Web Site and Optimize New Content for Crimson Hexagon

Tampa Bay agencies collaborate to mesh great user experience, responsive design and front-end development with digital marketing and content strategy

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12 18, 2013

Haneke Design Reimagines Hire Velocity’s Logo, Web Site

Hire Velocity, a national Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm, has set itself apart from recruiting organizations over the years by successfully combining great technology with seasoned recruiting executives who deliver the best qualified hires faster and for less money than the competition. Today Haneke Design announced the unveiling of Hire Velocity’s redesigned logo, which offers…

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10 28, 2010

Energy and Utility Advisory Group Structure™ Transforms Online Image with New Web Site and Expert Directory

Haneke Design, a leading graphic, interactive and user experience design firm with offices in Tampa and Denver, today announced the launch of a brand new Web site and blog created for Structure, a leader in business advisory and consulting services to the energy and utilities industries. The new Web site can be found online at…

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10 01, 2009

Haneke Design Brings Integrated Management Solutions’ Vision to Life

Designing a good-looking Web site is pretty standard fare these days.  But it’s quite another challenge to design a Web site that can take a client’s game-changing vision for online ordering and inventory management and explain the product successfully to a customer base that is largely set in its ways and uncomfortable with change.  But…

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01 12, 2007

Haneke Design Creates Rebranded Web Site for Frank Crum

Haneke Design engaged by Frank Crum, a provider of employer solutions, to update Web site in alignment with new corporate branding. Haneke Design built a Web site using PHP and was developed with complete content management capabilities. Features include a custom content management system to support their business and online recruiter for job seekers. About…

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