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06 14, 2022

5 Big Software Announcements from the WWDC22 Keynote

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off on Monday, June 6th, offering first-look insights into the biggest software updates on the horizon for Apple’s line of products. And for the 34 million Apple developers worldwide, it’s a great opportunity to start learning how to make the most of these new features by exploring how they…

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05 04, 2022

A World of Connectivity Awaits Through the MyFrankCrum HR Portal Web App

Haneke Design is pleased to announce that, through an ongoing partnership with FrankCrum, a new set of feature enhancements are in development for the MyFrankCrum human resource portal.   BACKGROUND The MyFrankCrum HR platform is a tool for both employers and employees, granting access to the HR information and tools they need most.  Employees are…

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12 20, 2021

Web Designers Turn to Low-Code for High Payoff

Think of a great website you’ve visited lately. Maybe it featured dynamic visuals and on-screen animations, or maybe it was minimalistic and easy to navigate. Either way, it was no doubt the result of some very conscious design and user experience decisions.  Traditionally, this experience would have been produced by an entire web development team,…

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08 06, 2020

AR Mobile Application Could Put Smoking Cessation in the Palm of Your Hand

Moffitt Cancer Center partners with Haneke Design to develop an Augmented Reality mobile app for innovative smoking cessation study. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of disease in the United States. Still, an estimated 34 million Americans smoke. Many have tried to quit, but overcoming nicotine addiction isn’t easy, even with the current cessation programs…

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07 07, 2020

Haneke Design and ThumbStopper Launch Pulse, a New Mobile Application for Busy Retailers

Haneke Design brings ThumbStopper’s vision to life with a new mobile application, Pulse.  ThumbStopper is a Tampa based technology company that helps brands and retailers generate engagement on social media platforms through the curation, segmentation, and syndication of high-value content. ThumbStopper and Haneke Design kicked off their partnership in early April with a virtual happy…

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06 11, 2020

Haneke Design Creates Virtual Art Gallery to Showcase Tampa’s Berkeley Preparatory Students’ Work

Haneke Design partners with Berkeley Preparatory School to create a virtual gallery to showcase artwork created by students throughout the year. Berkeley’s Concepts Art Show began in 1985 as an end-of-year showcase. Since then, it has become a beloved and highly anticipated annual event and art party to celebrate the magic that happens in the…

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05 14, 2020

App Downloads Have Spiked as a Result of COVID-19 Lockdown

Over the past few months, people from all over the world have been forced to stay in their homes due to coronavirus. Social distancing and self-isolation have become the new normal, and it has had a major impact on the way we live, work, and play. As a result, we have seen a huge spike…

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02 04, 2020

Haneke Design Talks Investable Technology at Synapse Summit 2020

Jody Haneke and Eric Burkhard of Haneke Design have teamed up with Florida Funders to discuss building and identifying investable technology that scales with growth. Synapse Summit is an annual gathering of everything innovative and entrepreneurial in Florida and beyond. This year, the two-day event at Amalie Arena is expected to attract over 6,000 attendees…

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11 05, 2019

Apple AirPods Pro Review: A Hit or Miss?

Apple, one of the world’s largest Tech Giants, has managed to do it again. They continue to leave us all in awe with their reputation for revolutionary technology, and this time it’s in the realm of true wireless headphones. The new Airpods Pro were just released on October 30th, 2019 and the new features offered…

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09 24, 2019

Leveraging Technology to Expand Creativity

Creativity is the thinking that fuels innovation and is therefore being recognized as a highly valuable skill in the workplace. According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will become one of the top three skills that employers will be looking for in 2020. So, what can you do to boost your creativity? Use technology to…

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